The Magic of Saging na Saba

I heard that Solenn Heusaff and Bea Alonzo used to eat saging na saba during tapings. Solenn also takes saging na saba for her proper diet. So I got curious and because I’m on a proper diet mode, I tried it too. I really didn’t appreciate saging na saba before because I think it’s a boring food .Then because I’m into fruits and vegetables now, I tried the magic of saging na saba, specifically nilagang saging na saba.

It is so sweet and tasty. I easily feel full whenever I eat it. I love it because I know it’s very healthy. Thanks to my mom because she’s very supportive with my diet. She boils saging na saba for me every morning. :)

Sooner or later I will get the body of Bea Alonza or better if the body of Solenn Heusaff. HAHA #Feelingers

GO! GO! GO! Let’s get fit!

8 thoughts on “The Magic of Saging na Saba

  1. Oh wow! Your determination is inspiring! Joyce and I tried dieting down to bananas too. But of course that crashed and burned. lol. Will go for saba instead!!

  2. Omg, I am beyond happy to visit your lovely blog! As I’ve heard, there’s real science with Saging na Saba in losing weight. They say, most boxers eat only saba when they need to trim down on limited timeframe.

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